Designer lighting fixtures

The concept, which we follow in the production of designer lighting fixtures and unique table lamps is characterized by non-standard shapes and skillful intertwining of the feeling of luxury and style, refracted both through our imagination and with the vision ideas of our clients. Behind each luminaire is the obligatory process of careful selection of materials, so as to combine quality, strength and functionality as a whole, and at the same time to capture the magic of light in its various forms, and shades. Table lamps, sconces, chandeliers, can be with different types of luminaires, with different direction of the light beam, either directly or at different angles, or diffusely, – to feel the softness of the light of a lighted sector in the room. Designer lighting gives us the freedom to unleash our imagination and turn a seemingly simple home accessory into an integral element of the overall atmosphere..
The unique accents and lighting fixtures are suitable for the interior of your home, as well as for shop windows, different decors, furnishing of art cafes, and many others.

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