Thumbnails, accessories and gift ideas

Every single product, whether it is a designer lamp, vintage furniture, wooden jewelry box or other non-standard art home accessory, goes through two stages of implementation - idea and project.
The idea for making original furniture and accessories from wood is inspired by the imagination of the artist., from his worldview and sense of aesthetics formed on the basis of visual pleasure. The idea is the idea of ​​a finished work, which combines quality and functionality. When combining several materials in one product, each component is dosed very carefully, to emphasize the main idea and form of the work in question.
On materials such as leather, textile ( sackcloth, while, flax, etc.. ) and different types of mats made of natural materials, again, special attention is paid to the texture, color and quality.
Every detail of the author's non-standard and designer accessories in the Alex Ceibart art studio goes through many stages of processing., until you get the finished look with a finish of different finishes and textures.
Each individual project is unique in itself. Various techniques take part in the process of its planning and implementation, techniques and tools, with which the author creates his non-standard forms using carefully selected materials and monitors the quality and effective performance of the task, and compliance with its time frames, tailored to the interests and desires of customers.

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