Author's furniture and accents

Is it possible to break the noose of boredom and monotony in the interior environment and turn your home into a chic and artistic, home with its own style and style?! - Style, which is different from everything, but original and eternal?! - The answer is yes, and the secret is in the accents - the basic motto of minimalism "A little is more".
Using a decorative accent is a trick, through which, with small changes, different moods and compositions of colors and textures are built, which give their own interior identity and expressiveness. The accents can be quite simple, but their contrast in the interior and exterior gives the unique character of the overall look. Designer furniture and accessories create a sense of aesthetics and class complemented by careful and quality workmanship, combining style and functionality, as well as the selection of all - natural materials for a more modern and elegant atmosphere.
When designing furniture and accessories, you can rely on the inspiration of Alex Ceibart Art Studio or offer your individual ideas.. All works - furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures are suitable for the interior of your home, as well as for shop windows, furnishing of art cafes, sets in theaters, etc..
Our mission
Each product made in Alex Ceibart art studio for non-standard and designer wooden furniture and accessories, demonstrates a strict individuality and creates detail by detail, without any seriality and without compromising the quality of the materials used, labor and time. Combined with the modern interior and exterior, the design works of the studio stand out as accents, which complement the atmosphere with the feeling of unique style and sophisticated finish of the compositions.

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