Our vision

History of our studio

Alexander Konstantinov started his career in 1995. with the making of models, models of furniture, miniatures of wood, leather, etc.. Over time, the author draws his inspiration from the stylistic diversity of different cultures. Factors like the masterpieces of the old masters, the purified natural forms and the simplified ones, but spectacular lines, shape its unique style in the field of interior design, distinguished by its originality and ethnic style, with incredible sense and attention to detail.

As an uncompromising artist, Alexander Konstantinov uses old and new technologies with different methods and techniques in the processing of materials and coatings of his works to achieve their authentic vision.. The artist precisely selects and delicately uses motifs from ancient times, whose cultures carry the power of the spirit reflected in nature.

Most of the author's works are made using the golden section – symbol on beauty, harmony and perfection. Thus he achieves the perfect forms, sizes and proportions in their non-standard compositions of styles colored in different shades of the color palette. Combined with the modern interior and exterior, his works, made entirely of natural materials, stand out as accents, complementing the atmosphere with a sense of style and elegant finish. Also plastic, eclecticism or artificial aging, through patina and gilding are important modules in the creation of original works of art.

A wide variety of furniture and accessories is handmade in the Alex Ceibart Art Studio, designer lighting fixtures, wooden jewelry boxes, retro furniture, vintage home accessories, designer chairs, unique table lamps, frames for mirrors and paintings, wooden sculptures, wood carvings and bas-reliefs, etc..

Our mission is to create unique and luxurious accents for your interior, as in each project we invest a part of ourselves.

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