Along with the production of original works, art studio Alex Ceibart breathes new life into antique furniture, through many different techniques and techniques for restoration - a process in which the old tables, chairs, cabinets and wardrobes, doors, portals, windows and lighting fixtures, regain their original luster and may even acquire a more interesting look depending on the desired effect.
Special attention is paid to the type of wood needed for the processing of a product – forms of the flutter, humidity, type and thickness of veneers, adhesives and coatings with which the surfaces have been treated over time, etc..
The restored furniture completely changes the image, the feeling and atmosphere of the interior. Art studio Alex Ceibart performs restoration with high professionalism and dedication.
Aging of furniture
A special place in the product portfolio of art studio Alex Ceibart is occupied by the artificial aging of furniture. Entirely in the spirit of the old days, this technique of changing the modern interior uses different aging techniques, which gives uniqueness and charm to any furniture.
The aging of furniture and turning it into vintage or also known as retro furniture is a widely sought after service by our customers with an artistic spirit and a desire to stand out from others..
The technique of artificial aging can be applied to any wooden objects and furniture - chairs, tables, chests, wooden jewelry boxes, frames, etc..
Vintage or retro furniture is extremely suitable for giving an antique look to the home interior, for furnishing cafes, tea, window decoration, etc..
The process of aging furniture is a creative process. It requires complete surrender to the artist , attention to every detail and touch, and last but not least - inspiration. Something more, renovated furniture becomes a reflection of the individuality of its owners!

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